Infection intelligence

Ripseq sequence-based analysis reduces the time needed to identify infectious pathogens, in pure- or poly-microbial samples, by up to 90% - and provides answers where other methods fail. Use any sequencing technology you want - Sanger or NGS - Ripseq is platform agnostic.

Ripseq NGS

NGS Targeted


Using our novel algoritms Pathogenomix NGS will process your targeted NGS sequence file locally, and reduce the information needed to upload by a factor of 1000:1, while still retaining resolution and specificity. This means no lengthy file upload, and no costly big data file storage. After upload, our cloud based software will analyze the uploaded reads against any of our curated reference databases - no matter the target.

Complete NGS analysis in less than 5 minutes! Including reporting!

Ripseq Mixed

Sanger Poly


No matter if you have a pure sample, or you have a more complex sample resulting in a mixed chromatogram - Pathogenomix Sanger Poly can also analyze samples you otherwise would have to discard or at best culture and separate, and not knowing if you missed anything.

No need to re-culture or discard a sample!

Ripseq Single

Sanger Mono


Using our bulk analysis you can save a lot of time on your pure samples - with bulk upload, bulk analysis against any of our curated reference databases, automatic confidence status flags and antomatic report generation.

You do not have to sift through hundreds, or even thousands of references in GenBank anymore!

Ripseq is a product of Pathogenomix. Please visit  for more information.  Isentio has merged with Pathogenomix, Inc.
Ripseq is based on patent pending method. Note: For research use only.

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